Bring your memories back to life. 

We can digitally archive your analog artifacts! 

Maine Macabre is always on the lookout for subject matter of interest recorded on VHS camcorders, and VCR tape recordings of old television broadcasts. If you have anything of interest, we can work together for mutual gain!

Preserving your VHS recordings is a great way to make sure that your footage lives on. VHS tapes can degrade over time. Life expectancy of a VHS tape varies, however it’s said that there is about a 10 to 20 percent deterioration of VHS quality over the course of 10 to 25 years. Aside from the natural wear and tear, other factors can damage your media, with mold being a regular culprit of tape (and VCR) damage. We will convert these tapes into digital files that will live on safely, and allow for easy viewing, utilizing modern technology.

If you have videotapes wasting away in a closet, attic or basement, reach out and we may be able to convert them at no cost, or little cost.

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